GG.BET Legends

GG.BET Legends

Participate in the legendary GG.BET Legends competition – get the Legendary bonus! Etch your name in the history of GG.BET! The winner will receive a refund of ALL bets on this Major.

1) Activate the CASE code.

2) Place single bets with odds from 1.75 on PGL Major Stockholm 2021 in the amount of 40 USD or more.

3) During the Major, take a look at "My Bonuses" – you will find many surprises!

4) Check the results on 12.11.2021!

You can win:

  • return of all bets on PGL Major Stockholm 2021;
  • one of 10 autographed NAVI T-shirts;
  • one of 20 prizes in the form of a return of 25% of the amount of bets on PGL Major Stockholm 2021
  • one of 50 prizes of 50 USD.

Become a part of the Legend! Return all the money bet!


  • return of all bets on PGL Major Stockholm 2021: madness****
  • one of 10 autographed NAVI T-shirts: glenfordc*****, maksom***, schomak****, wbmars***, gabrielbi*****, bormel***, edizaltio*****,***, i.shaimar*****, maksym.kiki******
  • one of 20 prizes in the form of a return of 25% of the amount of bets on PGL Major Stockholm 2021: lahtini****, lohvinov****, line***, roman052****, vadika***, steven***, shrekimo****, iyditca***, tomtaylo****, dr.kishc****, kareli***, lucas.dar*****, jimmyya****, oleg***, namanprab*****, artem.uni*****, kisilmaks****, 17602***, 19keld***, ostapenko1*****
  • one of 50 prizes of 50 USD: vakaris****, mrrusda***, marco.d*******, pashkad****, anhonline*****, rmpdb***, romanov0*******, andrianpopo*****, slavutapok*****, ggian.ver****, hartantoru*****, xa**, roman_ab****, merai***, sladder****, alexandr.slyus*******, eero**, sobaka***, mitchel***, andriy.sem*****, simonal.sti*****, teohchunwe*****, csakdomin****,*****, csomore****, shapar_di****, denlinex****, roman13****, diar***, sunzhu***,*****, gwuinbl****, filatov.e*****, tihonov_di*****, odixya***, jochempe********, tanyab***, kuzhelvo****, dandenb****, matt.sherw*****, oreo.mcf****, jt150***, ruslan_che*****, kirillx***, olersma****, schreib****, dimon.draha*****, leonlang****, emyse***, vahvanb***


1. The organizer of this draw (hereinafter referred to as the "Draw") is Invicta Networks NV, registered under the laws of Curacao, registered office at Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park, Curacao, registration number 123787 (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer"). Each person who participates in this drawing is hereinafter referred to as "participant" or "you".

2. To participate in the Draw, the following conditions must be met:

2.1 The participant must be at least 18 years old.

2.2 The Participant must have a registered, active account on the Site

2.3 By participating in the drawing, you agree to be bound by the GGBet Legends Rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”), the terms and conditions (, and applicable law.

3. To participate in the drawing, you must do the following:

3.1 During the drawing period, activate the promo code CASE in your account.

3.2 Make bets on PGL Major Stockholm 2021 for at least 40 USD

3.3 The organizer reserves the right to exclude any participant from the drawing at its sole discretion and without the obligation to explain such a decision. The organizer makes no representations or guarantees regarding the results of the draw, and reserves the right to suspend the draw or choose a winner at its sole discretion.

4. Draw conditions.

4.1 The draw starts on October 26, 2021 and ends on November 7, 2021.

4.2. Participants who activate the case code will place bets on PGL Major Stockholm 2021 for at least 40 USD, and will be selected by a random number generator ( on the twitch channel will receive:

4.2. One Participant - refund of the sum of all bets made by him at PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

4.2. Ten Participants - T-shirts of the NAVI code team with autographs of the players.

4.2. Twenty Participants - 25% refund of the amount of all bets made by them at PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

4.2. Fifty Participants - 50 USD to the real balance.

4.3 Winners will be notified of their prize draws by email, which they used to register for an account at If a winner does not respond to such message within 72 hours of sending it, their eligibility for the prize will be forfeited.

5. Conditions for receiving the Prize.

5.1 Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.

5.2 The Winner is solely responsible for any fees, taxes and duties that may arise from the receipt of the Prize.

5.3 If the following conditions are met, the Prize will not be awarded and the right to receive the Prize will be transferred to the next person selected in accordance with the Draw Rules:

5.3.1 The winner refuses to accept the prize offered by the Organizer;

5.3.2 The winner violates or otherwise fails to comply with these Draw Rules or the Terms of Use of the website (;

5.3.3 The Organizer will not be able to contact the Winner. This rule applies if the Winner, after receiving notification of the prize winning, does not contact the Organizer within 3 (three) days from the date of his notification.

6. Final Provisions.

6.1 The Organizer and its officers, agents, licensors, affiliates, contractors or other third party providers are not liable for incidental, consequential, indirect, special and punitive damages or damages awarded as punishment, including loss of income or profits. loss of data in any way related to the service, as well as damage, claim, loss or injury based on your participation in the drawing, even if such damage, claim, loss or injury was foreseen or foreseen by the Organizer.

6.2 The Promoter reserves the right to amend, modify, change, postpone, suspend or cancel this Giveaway or any aspect of it without notice at any time and for any reason the Promoter deems necessary.